Case Study: Saving Energy, Reducing Operating Costs and Enhanced Lighting


Strategic initiatives to reduce skyrocketing electricity costs resulted in a complete conversion of lighting fixtures at the convention center to LED lighting. The cost savings helped pay for the project within 24 months while saving millions in electricity costs over the lifetime of the new fixtures.

The San Diego Convention Center Corporation is a public benefit corporation created by the City of San Diego to exclusively manage, market, and operate the 2.6 million sq. ft. waterfront facility. The Center is currently celebrating 25 years of service as the regions premier gathering place.


A jump in power prices and a hot summer with temperatures above average resulted in a dramatic jump in costs associated with power for the facility. Forecasts projected yearly power cost increases into the future.


The Corporation solicited bids to retrofit all lighting fixtures in the facility with customized LED lighting fixtures to reduce energy consumption, improve visibility, reduce heat load on the HVAC system while improving fixture controls like dimming and motion sensitivity.


The lighting solution for the convention center encompassed replacing more than 10,000 existing fixtures with new LED fixtures. Over the lifecycle of the fixtures, the Corporation is projected to save more than $12 million in electricity costs while helping move the facility to LEED EBOM Silver certification. The annual environmental impact will be equal to the reduction of gas emissions from 283 cars, eliminating 482 tons of waste sent to landfills, and saving nearly 35,000 trees.

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